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About us

treeWe are an M&E, Energy and Sustainability Consultancy. We work across numerous market sectors, including Retail, Leisure, Health, Commercial and Residential.

We have specifically targeted our company to offer a full services package from initial services applications, Part L2A Compliancy Documentation, Renewable and Sustainability Reports and Energy Saving measures through to the M&E design works, M&E Performance Specifications, Surveys, tender appraisals and site inspections.

We believe that our early involvement is critical to maximise the cost-effectiveness and smooth running of our clients’ projects. The environmental impact and requirements of a scheme are, without doubt, inextricably linked to the design which follows. By ensuring that these are carried out under one umbrella, possible future problems can be considered early on and solutions inbuilt from the planning stages onwards.

Our innovative and dedicated team are experts at evaluating the requirements of a development, including the site’s specific intricacies, and devising sustainability options on a cohesive basis. We ensure that they are fully coordinated with the M&E Designs and Build sequencing, which ensures that the best options are chosen and successfully integrated and coordinated from the outset, rather than having to spend time and money resolving the conflicts which occur when the M&E  and sustainability requirements pull in opposite directions.

This is all provided from a single point of contact with M&E, Energy and Sustainability experience. Any early decisions made on renewable and sustainable options are fully thought through and any future impacts on the M&E Installations, incoming services, sizes etc are fully considered, leading to the smooth insertion of the sustainability options, whether for BREEAM or Planning, and avoiding any unnecessary and costly surprises.

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