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Manchester Deaf Centre

Manchester Deaf CentreManchester Deaf Centre was established in 1846 as ‘Manchester Institute for the Deaf’. It changed its name in 1990 to Manchester Deaf Centre and is a Limited Company with Charitable Status. The Deaf Centre moved from Grosvenor Street in 1975 to new premises in Crawford House, Booth Street East. As a charity the Deaf Centre relies on donations to ensure its services and projects for the deaf community can continue and as such the building has largely been neglected over the years. Recently a charitable trust awarded a grant to the Deaf Centre to allow for modernisation and upgrading of the building to bring it back up the standard that should be expected.

The Deaf Centre’s management approached mechanical and electrical contractors directly in the first instance to provide costs and schemes that could be looked at for the electrical and mechanical installations. The costs they received back were vastly in excess of the budget constraints being placed on the centre by the trust and with little or no consistency from contractor to contractor.

Watt Energy & Consulting Engineers Limited were approached and asked to provide a lighting scheme and drawings to enable the centre to receive comparative costs and some certainty to what they would be left with.

Following meetings between Watt Energy & Consulting Engineers Limited and the Deaf Centre a lighting scheme was developed that was not only fit for purpose and met all the luminescence criteria but also extremely aesthetically pleasing.

The scheme was sent out to tender to a small number of local firms and, due to the elimination of any ambiguity, the resultant scheme fell well within the financial criteria set out by the Trust.

Watt Energy & Consulting Engineers Limited are now detailing the mechanical requirements for the project.

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